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Meet the Maker 2021: On our desks

We have two desks: one woodwork bench in our woodwork studio in the garden and one desk with a sewing machine in our home studio in the attic. At the moment the most important tool for our wooden animals is a scroll saw. Alper is very happy with his sanding machines, it makes work much faster. All the other hand tools are within reach, hanging in a nice line inside the windowpane. In our home studio of course the sewing machine is the most important one. And a pair of good scissors, needles and organic cotton thread. Both of our desks are always full of pieces of ongoing projects, all ready for assembling. When we are not sewing or sawing, we are mostly searching for inspiration and sketching new ideas. We can make quite a mess on our kitchen table together with our son, who is our biggest inventor and most enthusiastic assistant.


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