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Beautiful silkscreen prints by Viola Amman

Meet our intern Viola Amman! Past few months she has been doing a wonderful job. She is born and raised in Milan, Italy. After Highschool she moved to France to study drawing and illustration, where she is now attending her master's degree in illustration at Emile Cohl school in Lyon. While working on her graduation projects - an illustrated children's book and a wooden toy set for children about constellations - she developed an interest for working with wood and designing toys. That is how she ended up with us in Alkmaar. We have been designing and making a new wooden toy together, of which you will soon see a sneak peak. But she also has been helping us with the production of our soft toys, developing our website, creating a new webshop (yes, be patient until January...), photoshoots, and of course lay-out and illustration. At the moment she is making some beautiful silkscreen prints at the Graphic Studio in Alkmaar based on our series of lockdown animals.


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