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No more plastic

Recently we saw this enormous whale made of five tons of plastic waste swimming in the ocean. With this project, originally made for the Bruges Triënnale but now on display in Utrecht, Architecture and design firm StudioKCA calls attention to the 150 million tons of plastic still swimming out there endangering and killing marine life. A while ago the Plastic Soup Foundation made us fully aware of this huge problem. When we started Kaplum our initial idea was to only work with recycled materials. Unfortunately this turned out to be too difficult, because using recycled fabrics and recycled wood meant that every single piece had to be tested to be in compliance with the European standards for safety on toys. So then we simply went with certified materials. We are constantly trying to improve our products. At the moment this means that we are doing a lot of research on eco-friendly materials, in particular for our soft toys (fabrics and filling). It will take some time, but hopefully in the not so distant future we will be able to present our very first completely plastic free collection of soft toys!

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