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duurzaam speelgood, organic toys, whale toy, walvis knuffel

Every year over eight million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. UNESCO estimates that because of this over hundred thousand sea mammals die each year. Whales are among the victims. Ingesting plastic gives them a false sense of being full. This causes them to lose appetite, leading to starvation and death. If we continue unabated, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.


Using less plastic is one of the major ways in which we can combat this crisis. That’s why Kaplum developed a 100% plastic-free soft toy whale. With this project we sponsor the Plastic Soup Foundation, a leading advocacy group to tackle plastic pollution. We firmly believe in their mission to have ‘no plastic in our water or our bodies’ and we hope you do too! 

By buying a handmade 100% plastic-free Kaplum whale you donate €1-€4 (depending on the size: S €1, M €2, L €4) to the Plastic Soup Foundation

and support their campaigns and education program.

save the whale, duurzaam speelgoed, plastic soup foundation, walvis knuffel, organic toy
Holger the Sperm Whale

           Holger the Sperm Whale knows everything.

                 Even when he thinks he does not know something, somebody will always encourage him:

                                                        Come on, you know this! How was the sea created? the seabass asks.

                                                                 Holger has some DEEP THOUGHTS and answers I don’t know.

                                                        Yes you do, the seabass replies, YOU HAVE TO,

                                                                    you’ve got the biggest brain of all the animals.

whale plushie, duurzaam speelgoed, knuffel, organic toy, sustainable, plastic soup foundation
Myrle the Blue Whale


          Myrles voice roars across the open sea. She likes singing

                 Because she is so big, her voice is also incredibly low.


                                                                                    That’s how it works.

                                               The bigger the animal, the lower the voice.


                                    She sings LOUDER than a roaring engine.

Tynan the Right Whale

                                                         Time for hunting, Tynan says.

       He knows that some other whales heroically dive several kilometres

    in search of GIANT SQUID.

               But he can only pretend.


                                                                 At the surface,

                                while he takes his time gulping for plankton, 

he dreams of dark depths filled with seamonsters.

walvis knuffel, duurzaam speelgoed, sustainable, organic toy, whale plushie, annegien van doorn


swan toy, lockdown animals, duurzaam speelgoed, zwaan, knuffel, organic toy
vos knuffel, lockdown animals, fox plushie, duurzaam speelgoed, organic toy, ecological toy, sustainable toys
wasbeer, raccoon plushie, lockdown animals, duurzaam speelgoed, organic toy, sustainable toys, ecologish
duck toy, eend knuffel, lockdown animals, organic toy, duurzaam speelgoed, sustainable toy, ecological toy, ecologische knuffel

                                                                   ‘Look at that, there is no one around, not even a single person,’

                                                   said the DUCK while he was splashing around in the fountains of Rome.

                         Meanwhile all over the world animals were debating why suddenly all the people had disappeared.


In Central Park the RACCOONS were down to two options:

1. They are playing hide and seek and we need to find them.

2. They woke up one day and forgot how to open their doors.

                   People need to remember so many things; they’re bound to forget some tiny things.

                          And a doorkey is definitely tiny.


                              The WILD BOARS in Corsica were convinced that people finally realised they needed some rest

                                                                                                                     in order to grow their fur back.


                                        They were so terribly naked without their natural coat.


               The FOXES in Berlin were not so sure yet.

        They were very serious about their investigation and started to study people up close.

    Each fox was assigned their own family garden.


           The SWANS roaming around in the canals of Venice knew that they were the only ones who were right.

                                                                                        The people definitely flew of to quieter places.

                                                                                                                       It had to come to that one day.


duurzaam speelgoed, organic toy, sustainable toys, organic bear plushie, beer knuffel, ecologisch
sustainable toys, duurzaam speelgoed, monkey toy, aap, organic toy, no more plastic

                     Once there was a dense forest full of things to eat


                the SWEETEST fruits

            the crunchiest nuts 

        the juiciest leaves.


The animals living there were HAPPY and round as balloons.


organic toys, duurzaam speelgoed, knuffel, jerboa, sustainable toys, ecologisch
duurzaam speelgoed, knuffel, sustainable toys, organic toy, meerkat toy, stokstaart, zero plastic, natural materials

The desert is a harsh place to live.

       No water, almost nothing to eat and the HEAT is unrelenting.


                       No wonder desert animals stay so thin.

                                                            But they are smart.

                                                                 They survive.

                                                                       The dark circles around the meerkats eyes are just like sunglasses.

                                                                 The dromedary never has to worry about finding water or food.

                                                     He stores it in a special hump on his back.

                         And the little jerboa? He doesn’t need to drink





                                                                                              He is able to extract enoughliquids from its foods.

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