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BETWEEN LAND AND SEA A design for a municipal medal of honor

houten penningen.jpg



houten penning bloem 2.jpg
houten penning2.jpg
penning metaal 2.jpg

This project originated from a design competition for a new medal of honor from the municipality of Dijk en Waard. Anna van Gerve designed two tokens and Alper Demir helped with the execution in wood and metal: The Reclaimed Land in appreciation of long-term commitment to society and The Hydropower in appreciation of a special achievement. The latter was chosen as the winning design and will from now on find its way to people who have done something special or courageous for the municipality of Dijk en Waard. For the designs Anna looked at how the history of the municipality has determined the character of the area and how to translate this into an image. The tangle of islands of Langedijk, which originated from marshland, the tight allotment pattern of Heerhugowaard, the result of the reclamation of the Grote Waert lake, and the shape of the current municipality of Dijk en Waard were the guiding principles in the design. Together, the tokens represent the relationship between man and nature and a country created by man. The height differences in the design refer both to the natural process in which pieces of land are washed away by the water and to the human process of constructing dikes and draining areas.

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