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The Cabinet of Curiosities is an art installation consisting of a handmade wooden table, textile sculptures and collages, turned wood, kids drawings and an integrated story of which you can read a fragment below.

“Good job, papa!” the son shouts. He is jumping up and down making grand gestures. Then he runs back to the mother.

"Take everything off! There will be water in our pit in a minute, I'm going for a swim!'

He raises both arms in the air.

Where do you go when you die?

I think to the Africa museum and then they stuff you.

The mother pulls the sweater over his head and his shorts over his knees. The waves are not that high, but neither is the sun.

We get rid of terrifying births, even children,

when they are born flawed and monstrous, we drown

and it is certainly not anger, but reason that separates the useless

from the healthy. (Seneca, De Ira, 40 AD)


"Don't!" the father shouts, but the son has already jumped. The pit swallowed him up. His feet get wet. They have reached the sea.


When will I get sick mom?

You don't get sick.

But if I get sick, when?

The waves push the sunlight forward until it breaks. The mother is leaning against her sand mountain. The son has seen a jellyfish. He looks back at the mother. “There are jellyfish!” he shouts.


Humans have bones.

When you take the bones out, they become so soft that you can eat them.

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