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Save the Whale

In April 2020 we will launch our new plastic free collection and with every whale we sell we will make a donation to the Plastic Soup Foundation, supporting their campaigns and education program.

Every year over eight million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans. UNESCO estimates that because of this around a hundred thousand sea mammals die each year. If we continue unabated, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

Using less plastic is one of the major ways to combat this crisis. That's why we developed a 100% plastic free soft toy whale in collaboration with the Plastic Soup Foundation, a leading advocacy group to tackle plastic pollution. We firmly believe in their mission 'no plastic in our water or our bodies' and we hope you do to. Let's save the whale. Let's save the planet.

Photos by Annegien van Doorn

soft toy turtle, schildpad knuffel, softie, plushie, soft doll, knuffels, plush doll
soft toy turtle, schildpad knuffel, softie, plushie, soft doll, knuffels, plush doll
soft toy turtle, schildpad knuffel, softie, plushie, soft doll, knuffels, plush doll

A little turtle wanted to travel, far away from home. But there was one problem. He was fused together with his house. It didn't matter how far he stretched his head or legs, they still didn’t come off his shield. One day, when a seagull asked what he was doing, the turtle said he wanted so badly to leave his house and see the world for once. ‘I wish I had a house like you,’ the seagull answered, ‘sometimes I fly in circles for hours in search of a nice spot.’ ‘But you can go wherever you want,’ said the turtle, ‘isn’t that fantastic?’' ‘Yes,’ said the

seagull, ‘but imagine having a shield in which I could hide at any moment. In strong winds or heavy rain, whenever I am tired, when the sun is shining too bright or if the world makes too much sound. No wonder turtles can grow so old, you are always protected.

Our name, Kaplum, comes from the Turkish word for turtle, kaplumbağa. This is a compound word constructed out of kaplı (covered) and bağa (frog). Kaplum is a home, a safe place. All of our turtles are made of 100% cotton.

desert animals, drawing, kids illustration, kinderillustratie, woestijndieren, woestijnvos, dromedaris, stokstaartje
meerkat toy, stokstaartje knuffel, softie, plushie, soft toy, kidsroom, kinderkamer
dromedaris, dromedary, handmade gift, handmade toy, toy design, design for kids, hip speelgoed, knuffel
Flat Animals

The desert is a harsh place to live. It lacks water and vegetation and the heat is unrelenting. No wonder desert animals stay so thin. But they are smart. They survive. All of them adapted to their unforgiving environment. The meerkat has dark circles around his eyes to prevent the sun from reflecting in them. The hump of the dromedary stores fat, which can be used both as food and water source. The big ears of the fennec fox are loaded with blood vessels, allowing him to quickly

release body heat. The jerboa doesn’t need to drink water at all. He is able to extract enough liquids from its foods. Although he is tiny, bigger animals have a hard time catching him. He can hop faster than a person can run.

The bodies of the animals are made of a mix of linen and cotton and the coloured details are made of 100% cotton. They all have embroidered details.

Fat Animals

Once there was a dense forest full of things to eat; the sweetest fruits, the crunchiest nuts, the juiciest leaves. The animals living there were happy and round as balloons.  This series consist of a racoon, a bear and a monkey.

Their bodies are made of a mix of linen and cotton and the coloured details are made of 100% cotton. They all have embroidered noses and eyes.

whale softie, whale plushie, walvis knuffel, zeedieren, speelgoed, kinderkamer, dutch design, toy design
zeepaard knuffel, zeepaardje, seahorse plushie, seahorse toy
zeester, starfish, red starfish, plushie, softie, knuffel, zeedieren, kinderkamer styling, rode zeester
Sea Creatures

The sea may be the most colourful and mysterious place in the whole world. With coral reefs housing uncoun-table different species, fishes in all shapes and colour combinations and thousands of creatures no one even knows exist.

We always work with primary colours, sometimes very present and obvious, sometimes less. With our sea crea-


tures we wanted them to be as present as possible: a blue whale, a yellow seahorse and a red starfish. We combined primary colour plush with a patterned cotton fabric. For the seahorse and the whale the pattern refers to the sea, to its bubbles and to its waves. In case of the starfish the pattern complements the shape of the star itself.