A very exciting new project is coming! We are selected to be part of the Textile Festival Twente (the Netherlands). At the moment we are working on a large outdoor sculptural piece, which will be exhibited from May-December 2021 at Catwalk: Forces of Nature. During these months you can follow a special route, showing 14 art works. Each work is concerned with both the rich history of textile industry in the region of Twente and with the theme of how nature influences the work over time.

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A very important and enjoyable part of our process is drawing and making models until we find the shape that we are looking for. We also spend quite some time on testing materials and colours. After we decided everything, the cutting starts, either in fabric or in wood. We do everything ourselves, also assembling and finishing all the details. In the not so far future we hope to outsource part of the production, so we can focus more on designing instead of making.

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Our very first experience with selling our products on a market. Those days we were living in Amsterdam and the Maker Market was right around the corner, so we were bringing our stuff by (cargo) bike. We miss it a lot to be around a crowd without worries and meet new people. Quite some unexpected developments came from people we met at markets. It is also a great place to find out how people react to our toys, see what works and what doesn’t and make adjustments. Let’s hope this pandemic will be over soon so we can communicate again without any boundaries; have face to face meetings, stand in markets and fairs, personally bring our products to shops, organize workshops with kids and parents, have creative brainstorming sessions with as many people as we like and sometimes maybe even hug each other…

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