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Jungle Rumble

The jungle is full of sounds. Some so loud that the whole ground seems to shake, some so soft you can barely hear them, and then all the sounds in-between. Our jungle creatures are gentle. When you shake them, they make just enough sound for baby ears. The front is made

of a bright colour plush. The back is 100% cotton and has a black and white pattern referring to the type of skin of each animal; the irregular shapes of the giraffe’s blotches, the triangular shapes of the crocodile’s leathery skin and the spotted coat of a leopard.

knuffel kat, speelgoed, cat toy, cat plushie, beeping toy
bear plushie, beren knuffel, baby toy, babykamer
bear toy close-up, handgemaakte knuffel, handmade toy, bear softie
Geometric friends

Once there was a cat as round as a marble. And then there was a bear that somehow turned out to be as triangular as a pyramid. They were both unhappy with their shapes. And then they met. ‘You are so beautifully round,’ said the bear to the cat. ‘You are so terrifically triangular,’ said the cat to the bear.  And simultaneously they said ‘would you like to have some of my shapes, so

I can have some of yours?’ That is how the cat got her triangular belly, her triangular ears and her triangular nose. And that is how the bear got his round belly, his round ears and his round nose.

   Both beeping toys are made of 100% cotton, except the shape on their bellies, which is a plush fabric. When you squeeze their belly they make a beeping sound.

schildpad geel 10.jpg
schildpad blauw2.jpg

A little turtle wanted to travel, far away from home. But there was one problem. He was fused together with his house. It didn't matter how far he stretched his head or legs, they still didn’t come off his shield. One day, when a seagull asked what he was doing, the turtle said he wanted so badly to leave his house and see the world for once. ‘I wish I had a house like you,’ the seagull answered, ‘sometimes I fly in circles for hours in search of a nice spot.’ ‘But you can go wherever you want,’ said the turtle, ‘isn’t that fantastic?’' ‘Yes,’ said the

seagull, ‘but imagine having a shield in which I could hide at any moment. In strong winds or heavy rain, whenever I am tired, when the sun is shining too bright or if the world makes too much sound. No wonder turtles can grow so old, you are always protected.

Our name, Kaplum, comes from the Turkish word for turtle, kaplumbağa. This is a compound word constructed out of kaplı (covered) and bağa (frog). Kaplum is a home, a safe place. Our series of three-colored turtles is made of a linen-cotton mix.